Common Questions about Vacation Rental Homes

Why Choose A Vacation 

Vacation rental homes, condominiums and town homes provide unique vacation experiences due to several advantages over normal hotel space. 

You Get More! 
Enjoy such things as a your own personal hot tub or swimming pool (without the noisy neighbors), a full size kitchen (so you dont have to dine out for every meal), laundry facilities (so you can pack light) and much, much more.

More Space 
More room means more space to hang out with the ones you love. And with a private home, you can relax with friends in your own comfortable living room after a hard day of vacationing. Compare 150 square feet of a typical hotel room to a normal size or 750 square foot condo...

Vacation Homes Are Everywhere 
Vacation rentals can be found nearly anywhere beachfront, lakeside, on a mountain, ski/in ski/out or in the city. Every vacation rental is unique and offers an authentic and memorable vacation experience. 

True Value For Your Money
Rather than paying for multiple hotel rooms, groups and families can stay in one vacation rental and enjoy the togetherness of one spacious house. 

Vacation rentals offer the comfort and privacy of a home so you can have a more relaxing, enjoyable vacation.



Why Trust Gondola Resorts?

We are owners of condos in Keystone and are truly passionate about providing you a memorable vacation rental experience.  We understand what's needed to make your stay special and have complete confidence that we can provide you the vacation rental tailored to your needs.

You can be assured that the description and expectations set by the property listing in is what you will experience during your vacation.